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Entry requirements
Entry requirements - Visas
Visas are not generally required for British Citizens visiting Canada for short periods. However, other categories of British nationals should check requirements before making firm plans. If in any doubt contact the Visa Section of the Canadian High Commission.

Entry requirements - Passport validity
It is recommended that you should have a passport with a minimum of six months validity remaining. Citizenship and Immigration Canada also provides complete and up-to-date information on the entry requirements and status of travel in Canada.

Entry requirements - Traveling with children
If you are traveling with children, and where only one parent is present, you should bear in mind that it is advisable to carry a letter of consent from the non-traveling parent. Immigration officers have the right to question children using simple and appropriate language, to establish if there are any child abduction concerns. There is discretion, but this depends on the attitude of the accompanying parent. A letter of consent will help to dispel potential concerns, and should refer to the travel details in question and provide the necessary agreement to the visit.

Entry requirements - Traveling to the United States
If you intend to travel on to the United States you should check the entry requirements of the US authorities (see the US section of the FCO’s Travel Advice).

The British Consulate General in Toronto has reported some cases of British nationals being denied re-entry into the USA under the VWP after a previous stay in the US. Travelers who have been admitted to the USA under the Visa Waiver Program and who make a short trip to Canada generally can be readmitted to the United States under the VWP as long as they still meet the requirements of the VWP. Granting entry under the VWP is a matter for the US authorities and travelers are advised to check they meet the entry requirements at http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel
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